Thursday, May 13, 2010

Astroboy Developement Boards Part 1

In this series, the Giant Robot, with Astroboy plugged in as it's power source attacks the floating city. While on it's rampage, Zog and the rest of Astroboy's friends realize that Astroboy is trapped in the Giant and attempt to rescue him.

Astroboy Developement Boards part 2

In this series, Zog and Astroboy's friends search the inside of the Giant Robot to rescue Astroboy. Once they find him, Zog removes the cables draining Astroboy's power source. The interior defense system of the Giant Robot grabs Zog. (I was asked to work rough and loose since my time on the project was limited)

Birthday and Anniversary Cards 01

The top one was for my son Jason's 10th Birthday, he was into Bakugan, the lower left card was for my Brother in Law, Michael's birthday, he's into basketball and his son, Matthew, and the last one was was for my wife, Brenda and my 11th Anniversary.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elephant Jumping Rope April 2010

After my son, Jason's TKD class, the adult class starts with the students jumping rope.

Elephant and Cat on a bicycle April 2010

I took the Kick Buttoski storyboard test for Disney and once again drew an elephant on a bike.

Elephant Tae Kwon Do April 2010

My son, Jason was taking his regular TKD class and I drew him as an elephant.

Dancing Elephant April 2010

No reason, just a drawing excersize for myself.

Elephant Skateboard April 2010

I saw a teen riding his skateboard the other day and drew his action in the form of an elephant.