Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tunneling Elephant

thought it would be fun to draw a tunneling elephant.
This is a quick sketch of an elephant playing a guitar.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coyote Segway Traintrack Gag

The Coyote zips down the slope towards the RoadRunner but overshoots him. The segway gets stuck on the tracks, the coyote hears then sees the train coming towards him so...

Coyote Segway train gag 2

...The coyote jumps off the segway off the tracks, but get hit by a truck.

Shrek runs down the hill

In one of the earliest versions of Shrek, Shrek left home as he did the the book to find his home and take a bride. After leaving his swamp he discovers a bright new world. He excitedly runs down the hill but loses his balance and...

Shrek runs down the hill 2

...Shrek slides down the hill into a large herd of grazing sheep, stampeding them as he slides thru.

Shrek runs down a hill 3

...Shrek stops slide
ing as he reaches the bottom of the hill. Laughing he conyinues on his journey.

Curious George Blooms berry's Office

This is a contact sheet of Bloomsberry losing his balance while posing on his desk and nearly decapitating his son his son as he falls onto his lap.

Puss in Boots

During my last weeks at Dreamworks I was assigned to explore doing a take on Puss in Boots where dogs were the human characters. Pure Breds were the royals and the Mutts were the commoners.

Puss and Boots

A few more exploratory sketches for Puss in Boots.

Gag sketches for Fantasia 2000

These are some gag drawing for the first version of Pomp and Circumstance. It was going to be a concert piece at the Hollywood Bowl using every character animated by Disney as the cast. Believe it or not, I got the piece greenlit.
Unfortunately/fortunately it died as the piece got more and more complicated. I was reasigned to work on 2 other Fantasia pieces that did survive. The Steadfast Tin Solier and the Pines of Rome flying whales.

Storyboard page from Curious George TV series

This is a page from a freelance board for the Curious George TV series a few years back. George is sad because his scarf is unraveling.